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Lisa will conduct a reading all about you! Learning about yourself, learning to love yourself, and what advice the universe wants to give you to love yourself more. Lisa will be generous with ideas on how to love yourself more. Pamper yourself with this reading today! Lisa will pull cards, offering you ideas on how to love yourself more. To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance! Readings will be generous and non-judgmental.

Same Day: If ordered as such between the hours of 9AM-6PM PST.


Purchase the desired option you want, and fill out the questionnaire. 

Please keep in mind:
I will not answer clarification questions without a new order, thank you for understanding. I always make sure to be clear and generous in every reading I provide. 

You may confide in me with any concerns you have. No topic, concern, or question will ever be looked down upon. I promise I will never judge you, and I will always keep our conversations private and confidential. You can always look back at these strategies any time you need them. My purpose in life is to to help others, I thoroughly enjoy helping you and being alongside of you, supporting you every step of the way through your journey. I genuinely feel connected to those who come in contact with me, I am here to support YOU!


*After selecting your desired option in the drop down menu, below the drop down menu are two small open fields for you to place your required information.

In these two open fields please provide:

**Your email, name(s), birth date(s), story of your situation along with your thoughts and concerns, and questions.**


If you do not have enough space to write all of your desired information for your order in the required fields, please see the following option:

After purchase you can send an email to with your confirmed order number in the title, and in the email please include additional/or all required information for your reading, including pictures. 


If you chose this option, you do not have to write all information in the required open fields for a faster checkout. You can send an email after purchase with your required information.


If you do not want to send an (optional) email after purchase with your information, please make sure you fill out the required open fields on this page before checkout. After purchase, Lisa will email you at a later time, confirming your order. 

Lisa will send your reading within the time option you've picked to your email you've provided. 

Self Care/Love Tarot Psychic Reading

PriceFrom $25.99
Excluding Sales Tax
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